“Single Lady” Candy Canga finally says “I Do”

Tue, April 21, 2009  6:48 pm

candycrisDAUSA’s “Most Eligible Bachelorette” finally gave up the long held title after marrying another Fil-Am from San Francisco, Cris Picar, in a public wedding ceremony in Modesto, California on Sunday, April 18, 2009.  

Candy served as Danao Association USA, Inc. (DAUSA) Vice President for 4 years, during the term of Gemma Montegrande, and as Project Manager of the associations’ Adopt-a-Student Program.  She had her family in Danao get actively involved in the annual DAUSA Medical Mission, particulary her brother, Dr. Gregory Canga and mother Rose, a registered Nurse.     

A resident of Modesto since arriving in California 18 years ago, Candy, a registered nurse, is Surgical Dept Manager at the Sutter Memorial Medical Center. She finished her MBA degree while working at this hospital. 

Several fellow Danawanons from Southern California,  led by Ben & Dr. Anita Cal-Jackson, DAUSA President, witnessed the solemn and beautiful ceremony. 

Cris & Candy Canga-Picar’s Love Story

In November 2007, after 21 days of prayer and partial fasting, Candy shared with her girlfriend her desire to remain single while serving under the Refresh Women’s ministries.  

But God had a different plan!  On December 8, 2007, Candy’s cousin, Mimi, gave Candy’s cell number to Cris, a friend of Mimi’s best friend.  Immediately after the first hello, the couple started to connect and talked for over 2 to 4 hours at a time.

Believe it or not, they fell in love with each other’s soul, mind and spirit over the phone.  It was not love at first sight, since they did not even know how each other looked like.  Two weeks later, Cris drove down from San Francisco to meet Candy at Mimi’s Café in Modesto.  

Afterwards, the couple decided to officially date by attending a church service at Calvary Temple Worship Center.  During that service, Candy asked God for a sign if Cris was the one for her.  To her surprise, Pastor Glen called out Cris to welcome him in the midst of a crowd of over 500.  

The rest is history.  Only July 27, 2008, Cris and Candy got married in a private ceremony.  They were excited to start a new family.  Unfortunately, on September 11, their dream of having a child was not realized.  

They successfully overcame this difficult trial with the support and prayers of family and friends.  The couple found comfort in Jesus Christ, the Lord of second chances.  

On Saturday, April 18, 2009, Candy and Cris had over 200 friends and relatives participate and witness their public wedding vows as they celebrated their love and new life together at the Calvary Temple Worship Center in Modesto, California.

“We need you in our lives just as much as we want to be part of yours,”  Cris and Candy declared.

To view more photos, just click this link:

Cris-Candy Canga-Picar Wedding


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