The Jacksons: Leading the Medical Mission in Danao, then their Big Wedding in Bohol Right After

Thu, September 28, 2006  6:38 am

2006092806383337_1.jpgDespite her much anticipated Catholic Church wedding with husband of 22 years – Ben, scheduled on Friday, September 22, in Tagbilaran, Bohol, DAUSA President Dr. Anita Cal-Jackson, still took the task of spearheading the 9th DAUSA Medical Mission on September 19 – 21, with Ben helping out.

And she did it with same enthusiasm and energy the way she did as Chief of Medical Mission since 1998, as if there was no other major forthcoming activity to prepare.

Her attention was totally focused on the activity at hand – the DAUSA Medical Mission. As usual, the Medical Mission – this time Anita serving as President and Chief of Medical Mission – was another huge success – helping indigent Danawanons in a big way.

Surprisingly, the couple even attended the culmination program hosted by City Mayor Ramon Durano III, held at the Mayor’s residence in Guinsay, Danao City, Thursday evening, September 21.

Ben and Anita got up 3:00 a.m., Friday, getting ready for an early morning drive to the Pier in Cebu City to catch the 6:00 am boat to Tagbilaran.

On board the high speed Ocean Jet the trip took an hour and a half, barely enough time for a last minute meeting with wedding coordinator and her sisters to review final arrangements for the afternoon church wedding ceremony and reception at the Bohol Tropics Hotel.

Anita’s sister Tess, friend Ricky Mata of Danao City, made certain everything went well and both did a splendid job of freeing bride and groom from any anxiety or worry.

Principal sponsors and invited guests include among others the Bohol Governor, congressman, Tagbilaran City Mayor, Danao City Mayor.

Some DAUSA members, Danao friends and relatives of Anita – around 40 of them – made the trip to Tagbilaran on board the Ocean Jet.

The reception was great and everyone, most especially the Danao guests reported having tremendous fun – many of them extended their stay to tour around and enjoy the sights of the island.

The newly wed flew back to California on Saturday, September 23, a day after the wedding – to get back to business of running two medical clinics in Temecula and Lake Elsinore.

Meanwhile, Anita shortly upon arrival, wrote a short message via email to DAUSA Medical Mission volunteers:

“The spontaneous & enthusiastic voluntary work of all the missioners is inspiring and commendable.

Our dear Santo Tomas de Villanueva has been guiding & protecting all of us. His noble & generous heart with his largebag of gifts to the least of his brethren makes him the model of all the missioners.

DAUSA is so blessed with people like all of you! Hope next year will be again very well-participated and will have more useful medications, better organization of committees and more donations of any kind.

Let’s make sure that we prioritize anti-diabetic meds next year and also take time to educate the patients on behavioral modification, especially diet, which might be enough to manage their high blood sugar & BP, and also prevent goiter, peptic ulcer & alcohol & smoking-induced problems.

I apologize that I was not able to extend my stay to communicate with the missioners especially the local volunteers and learn some ways to improve the next one, God willing!

All the help that was extended before the mission, the sorting & packing, organization of the adopt-the-student program, the teamwork & unconditional services of the officers & members, the pre-op clearance & post-op care with special thanks to the Gorre-Famas couple, the registration, outside clinic in the heat of summer, the work of art by skillful & ingenious surgeons, dentists, nurses, pharmacists & their assistants, the contribution of food service workers, security guards, cleaning volunteers, & even the entertainers & unsurpassed hospitality of the hosts & hostesses will ever be appreciated especially by the deserving people of Danao who look forward to the DAUSA mission every year.

With my supportive better half, Ben, & family, I thank you all with all my heart!


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