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DAUSA President Gemma Montegrande recently received two emailed messages from Dungguan Elementary School Principal Lilia Ramos-Ybanez (apo ni kanhi Panfilo “Pamping Pulis” Ramos. Ed).

In both communications Ms. Ybanez attached a letter signed by  Dr. Michael M. Cono, Danao City School Superintendent.

(Dungguan Elementary School is beneficiary of DAUSA Adopt-a-School Program initiated by Mr. Jose Campo of Freeport, TX and who personally donated lots of hard bound books to the school library and some 13 computer desktops and monitors.)

The first letter is an appeal to kind-hearted DAUSA members and other Danawanons living abroad to sponsor deserving high school students.

These young boys and girls, according to Ms. Ybanez, recently graduated from Guinsay and Dungguan Elementary Schools as well as from nearby barrios.  They are seeking admission at the newly opened Ramon H. Durano Foundation Science and Technology Learning Center.   Their parents are reportedly unable to pay the monthly tuition.

The second letter is an invitation for DAUSA to nominate or recommend a representative as incorporator of the Foundation that is in the process of registration with the Securities and Exchange Commision.

Both letters and Ms. Montegrande’s response are herein posted for our readers’ consideration.

We certainly hope some generous and kind-hearted individuals will respond to this appeal.

May 17, 2003

President-DAUSA, Inc.


The newly established Ramon M. Durano Sr. Foundation–Science and Technology Education Center located at Guinsay, Danao City will be registered in the SEC as a foundation. We are now on the process of identifying kind-hearted individuals to compose the group of incorporators for this foundation who could back up its operation.

In this regard, the undersigned and the mayor of our city would like to request you or any officer/member of DAUSA to be one of the founding incorporators of
this foundation.

Hope for your consideration on the above request.

Thank you,

Very truly yours,

OIC-Schools Division Superintendent


May 20, 2003

Michael M. Cono, Ed. D.
OIC School Division Superintendent
Danao City, Philippines

Dear Dr. Cono:

On behalf of the Danao Association USA, Inc. (DAUSA) I am responding to your two communications sent via e-mail through Mrs. Lilia Ybanez, dated May 3 and May 17, 2003.   Two specific issues raised in these two communications were discussed at our 2nd Quarterly meeting held on May 17, 2003, and I want to convey to you DAUSA’s response.

1.    Scholarship

Aside from the annual medical mission which is DAUSA’s vehicle in reaching out the poorest of the poor in Danao, the Association is likewise supporting 35 Adopt-a-Student Project beneficiaries from Danao’s barrio high schools, presently enrolled at the Cebu State College – Danao City Campus and four other scholars studying in Cebu City. The members who participated in the project are committed to help these students until completion of their 4-year course.  Hence, we are not in the position at this time to have DAUSA get involved in another scholarship program. However, we will spread the word, through the DAUSA website ( of your need for sponsors to help poor and deserving students of Barangay Guinsay and Dungguan.  We will just hope and pray that some kind-hearted Danawanons who have not participated yet in any reach-out program will take interest in this very noble cause you are initiating.

2.    Ramon H. Durano Foundation – Science and Technology Education Center

On behalf of our association I want to thank you for considering any one of us to be an incorporator of the Foundation which is in the process of being incorporated and registered with SEC.   But I regret to inform you that after your letter was read at our 2nd  quarterly meeting held on May 17, 2003, the consensus of the body was that DAUSA cannot and should not officially endorse a representative, to stand on its behalf as an incorporator and/or Board of Director, of any entity.  However, in the same meeting we have encouraged our active DAUSA members and officers to volunteer in their individual capacity as an incorporator in the Foundation.  We have told them that anyone interested will have to contact you personally to enlist his/her support as an incorporator.

Again, I want to thank you for informing us of your efforts to uplift the youth of Danao.  Please feel free to communicate with us about future activities so we can likewise disseminate them to our members who may be interested.


Gemma Montegrande
DAUSA President


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