Danao Parish Church Through the Years

Sat, March 22, 2003  8:58 am

Researched and Compiled by Narciso ‘Sisoy’ Almerez


• In 1755 the parish church was constructed by the Venerable Padre Fray Manuel de Santa Barbara, the Vicario Prior of Danao in its present site.

• The San Alipio bell was cast in 1845 which now hung in the bell tower (45 kilos).

• The crucero (right and left wing of the church and the beautiful stone fence that surrounded the church were constructed by Padre Manuel Fernandez de la Virgen del Rosario, parish priest in 1843 to 1867.

• The Sta. Felomina bell was cast in 1867, (60 kilos). It now hangs in Sto. Tomas School.

• In 1887 the construction of the sacristy was completed by Padre Fidel Moreno de San Hilarion. He also beautified the interior of the church and installed mechanical clock in the bell tower and pipe organ for the choir.

• In 1913, the construction of the fence around the church was completed by Fr. Antonio Medalle.

• Two bells were cast in 1917, the Santo Tomas de Villanueva bell (630 kilos) and Sagrado Corazon bell (249 kilos) both of which now hang in the bell tower during the term of Rev. Fr. Vicente Roa. (Note from Editor: We don’t see these two bells anymore. Sulti pa sa mga beata gikawat ang duha ka kampana, gipatimbang sa mamalitay ug puthaw and made into a kaldero)

• Another bell was cast in 1923 which now hangs in Santo Tomas School. (Sister, can you put back one of your bells to the Kampanaryo where it belongs? Ed.)

• The church was repaired by Rev. Fr. Nicolas Batucan del Carmen. In 1937 the wooden floor was changed with tiles with the help of Ex-Justice of the Peace (1890-1895) of Danao, Don Demetrio T. Durano.

• In 1937 the Eucharistic Congress was held in Danao Church.

• On September 8, 1942 the church was destroyed by fire including the religious items and the important records, leaving only the thick solid stone walls.

• In 1946 the Church was reconstructed under the leadership of Rev. Fr. Emilio Vicentello together with former Municipal President of Danao, Carlos M. Enriquez.

• The reconstruction of the Church was continued by Rev. Fr. Diosdado Camomot in 1951. Tile floorings and the ceiling were completed.

• In 1960 the reconstruction of the Church was completed by Fr. Cesar Alcoseba in preparation for the ordination of the three Danawanon priests, Pascual M. Ypil, Ranulfo D. Iway and Mariano P. Batucan which was held on March 18, 1961 together with six other new Cebuano priests including Alfeo Manalili.

• In July 1963 Celso Barriga was baptized in this church. (Editor’s Note: This item is not in Sisoy’s research. Nakalimtan seguro pag-imbitar sa iyang Nanay, otherwise Sisoy wouldn’t forget to include such a historical event in his compilation. So gi-insert ko lang.)

• In 1981 during the term of Msgr. Santos de La Serna the renovation of the Church was started which was sponsored, financed and supervised by Don Ramon M. Durano, Sr. and his family. This was finished in September 1985. The following are the outstanding features of the reconstructed church

Roof in red tiles with gold coated miter dome.
2,500 sq. me. Of solid Romblon marble slab altar-facing.
½” thick stained glass swing-out windows with anodized aluminum frames.
3,200 sq.m. manually-cut antique coral stones.
Wooden balustrade (Narra) and overhanging railings.
Electronic carillon
21 units of gold-plated chandeliers in heavily-decorated antique design.
Purely hand-carved solid narra main and side doors, gallenera and pews.
2,000 sitting capacity.
Spacious brick finish patio.
Baldachino over the sanctuary
Hand-carved antique wooded tabernacle
Ramsa-Electronic sound system.
52 units of electric oscellating wall fans.
7 Units of multicolored stained formacraft covered windows
The Holy Cross of Limpas.

• The new church was inaugurated and consecrated on December 23, 1985.


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