Wed, August 14, 2002  10:28 pm

Miss Gliceria ‘Egler’ Manipis, Grade 1 teacher of nearly 30% of former and current Danao City residents whose age range from 30 to 60, passed away in the morning of August 14, 2002 in Daly City. She was 83.

And probably nearly 50% of today’s Danao professionals, in that age bracket, learned the rudiments of ABC and Arithmetic from Ms. Manipis. Many of them credited their success to this great lady and mentor.

Because of her devotion and personal commitment to equip and show kids the right path, especially during their formative years, Ms. Manipis forgot all other interest in life and has remained single all her life.

But she had no regrets because Danao folks remembered and loved her for what she did to the children of this city.

People who had been her pupils agree that never have they known any other teacher in the world as good and as effective as Ms. Manipis.

Although she has been known to be very strict and a tough disciplinarian, still Danao’s professionals could only wish and hope that all Grade 1 teachers in the world were like Ms. Manipis.

She is happy now in the company of angels.

Anaother Danawanon, an old-timer in America, Mrs. Felisa Gonzalez-Ceballos, grandmother of Celia Ceballos-Abella, died at the age of 96, at her home in Winnetka, California last Saturday, August 10. Felisa was born and raised in Danao, later got married and settled in Cebu City, before coming to the U.S.A. in the .70s.

A memorial service will be held this Friday, August 16 at 10:00 a.m. at the St. John Eudes Church, 9901 Mason Ave., Chatsworth, California. Her body will be laid to rest right after the memorial service at the San Fernando Mission Catholic Cemetery, located at 11160 Stranwood Ave., Mission Hills, CA 91345.

If you want to condole with the family and express words of sympathy, Celia can be contacted at: 310-328-5954 or at her grandmother’s home: 818-709-2134.


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