Yes, it will be in Looc! Trump Casino in Danao

Fri, July 5, 2002  3:08 pm

[Note: Originally appeared on the Lampoon Issue of The Danao Gazette, Jan 1994]

Accompanied by L.A. businessman Fred Tuadles, Donald Trump visited Barangay Look to inspect the progress of on-going construction of the Tump Palace, the biggest gambling casino in the Pacific Rim.

Capitalized at .5 billion, the Trump Palace will feature the best of Las Vegas, designed to attract high rollers of Japan, Hongkong, Taiwan and Middle Eastern oil potentates.

But there’s a hitch. Celsa Banzon, Looc’s fearless opposition leader, vowed to block its opening.

Celsa has reportedly formed an alliance with local NPAs and fishermen’s associations to put pressure on the Ramos Administration to convert the Casino  into a fish market. MM


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