Msgr. Alfeo Manalili and Fr. Marianing Batucan’s 40th Sacerdotal Anniversary

Fri, July 5, 2002  12:41 pm

[Note: Originally posted on Kaming Danawanon, Vol VII, No. 3 Jul-Aug 2001.]

On February 3, 2001 Msgr. Alfeo Manalili and Fr. Marianing Batucan jointly celebrated their 40th anniversary as priests at the Immaculate Heart of Mary Church in Los Angeles, California.

Two weeks before the event, the Ruby Jubilee Committee notified Rey Espera that he was food chairman and would be responsible in assigning fellow DAUSA members what food to bring.

No doubt it was a very short notice.

Yet the abundance and variety of food the Danawanons brought to the Immaculate Heart of Mary School Auditorium dazzled the eyes and triggered tremors to the stomachs of guests who came to congratulate and share the joy of the two priests.

DAUSA Spiritual Director and Veteran Hospital Chaplain in Washington D.C. Fr. Jonathan Lao flew to Los Angeles and gave an electrifying homily.

Nearly 500 friends and relatives of Msgr. Manalili and Fr. Marianing, mostly Danawanons from Southern California, some from the East Coast, attended a con-celebrated Eucharistic mass officiated by six other priests.

A video presentation depicting Msgr. Manalili as a young man in the seminary, as a young priest in Danao and Dumanjug and as a seminary professor, was the highlight of the celebration.

The video was prepared by a professional, a surprise gift from the Montegrande family of Borbon

The show brought some tears of joy to the good Monsignor not only because of the sweet memories of his younger years, but was also deeply touched by the generous gesture of his relatives and friends.

After the celebration Fr. Marianing returned to Manitoba, Canada where he is pastor of 3 parishes.

Msgr. Manalili went back home to Cebu to fulfill a promise of building a ‘Kampanario’ in Dumanjug.

Msgr. Alfeo Montegrande Manalili

Among the 18 newly ordained, one prominently stood out from the rest, attracting many dalagas and beatas. – Fr. Alfeo Manalili from Borbon,

Danawanons were enamoured – kilig na kilig – as if this young priest were some actor from Sampaguita Pictures or perhaps artista sa DYRC.

Fr. Manalili was big, tall and ‘so guapo for a priest’ – as many young ladies were overheard commenting ‘ka-anugon nga nagpari’.

In June of 1950, at 12 years old, he entered the seminary, right after graduating from the elementary. It was expected to happen that young Alfeo would enter the seminary.

About that time the Montegrandes, Manalilis and Montecillo clans of Cebu to which he was directly related had already produced at least 30 priests.

According to Msgr. Manalili his ordination to the priesthood was the happiest and most memorable moment of his life.

Shortly after ordination Fr. Manalili was a missionary in Danao and later got appointed assistant parish priest to Fr. Cesar Alcoseba.

In Danao Fr. Manalili was popular, well liked by the townfolks. Shortly, he got his own parish-Barrio Lawaan.

When the Augustinian Sisters came to Danao to start a high school, Fr. Manalili lent a helping hand in establishing the Santo Tomas School. He even handled some subjects – History and Religion.

Asked what he believed was his greatest achievement in life as a priest, Msgr. Manalili quickly responded ‘seeing young seminarians I trained and nurtured become good priests’.

Fr. Mariano Pasaol Batucan

Fr. Mariano Batucan was born in Danao on Dec. 6, 1937, and from childhood, was guided by very religious parents, Quinciano & Carmen Batucan, so he would priest someday.

Fr. Mar confided that his decision to become a priest was also inspired by a good parish priest in Danao, Msgr. Emelio Vicentillo.

He was ordained on March 18, 1961 at Sto. Tomas de Villanueva Parish church in Danao City, Cebu, with two other townmates, Frs. Pascual Ypil and Ranulfo Iway.

After being a missionary in different parishes, he got assigned assistant parish priest in Toledo City from 1962 to 1968, then after, was trasferred to Dumanjug until 1970.

He was given a parish of his own in 1970, serving the people of Maya, Daanbantayan for over ten years.

In 1981 Fr. Mar was parish priest of Sogod until 1987, then to the town of Asturias until 1994

After ministering the people of Cebu for over 3 decades, Fr. Mar decided to broaden his horizon and applied to join the Archdiocese of Winnipeg in Canada.

At 63, Fr. Mar is very fit and active. In fact, he is concurrent pastor of three parishes, Sacred Heart Parish, Roblin, Manitoba.; St. Claire Parish, San Clara, MB and St Margaret Parish- Grandview, MB Canada.



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