Dr. Vic Oyas is Fiesta 2001 Hermano Mayor

Fri, July 5, 2002  1:25 pm

Dr. Vic Oyas[Note: Originally posted on Kaming Danawanon, Vol VII, No. 4 Sep 2001.]

Dr. Vic Oyas, an active DAUSA member and volunteer of past medical misions, has been the unanimous choice of being this year’s Fiesta Hermano Mayor. He will induct the newly elected DAUSA officers for 2001 – 2003 during the DAUSA Dinner Dance on Sept. 8, 2001 in Torrance, CA.

Although not a native-born Danawanon, Dr. Vic Oyas, whose parents are native of Catmon, need not be declared an adopted son of Danao, for he is heart and soul a Danawanon.

Vic grew up and attended elementary and high school in Danao City and considered it his hometown.

A fiesta Hermano Mayor is somone of our own, chosen for our youth to look upon as role model and to emulate.

Vic deserves the title of a Big Brother to all Danawanons in the U.S. not only for being successful physician, a Major in the U.S. Airforce, but more so, for his being good family man, a gentle father to his two daughters and a loving husband to his wife Bebe.

Dr. Vic solely owns Lake Havasu Pediatrics in Arizona.


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