DAUSA Cabos Launch Vitamin Campaign

Fri, July 5, 2002  12:35 pm

[Note: Originally posted on Kaming Danawanon, Vol VII, No. 3 Jul-Aug 2001.]

To be called a ‘cabo’ in Danao can be unflattering, meaning vote-buying pagador or goons, but in Los Angeles County, they are virtuous men and women whose hearts bleed for their less fortunate brothers and sisters back home in Danao City.

DAUSA Cabos are taking the lead to reach out and make a difference.

Lately, they launched a campaign for vitamin and mineral pills donations for the Medical Mission in Danao City.

It was reported during past medical mission, over half of people who went to the hospital during the 3-day mission, only wanted vitamin pills.

Leading the campaign in the Vitamin drive are the good people of Barrio Dahunog (those who hang out in Bobon Castillo’s house in Long Beach.)

Also not to be outdone, the new Cabo of Barrio Lantay, Eric Cabahug also joined the vitamin campaign.

Eric & Monette turned over a sizable amount of vitamins during the 2nd Saturday Novena at Melinda’s residence

Loretta Montesclaros and Gemma Montegrande are re-packing these vitamin pills to be ready for distribution during the Medical Mission.

Barrio Kagaykay Cabo Chely Munoz also urged his constituents to do the same and beat all others for the final count.

Celia Barriga, appointed Cabo of Barrio WacWac also promised to do her share by soliciting vitamins and medicines among her fellow RNs in the San Fernando Valley area.

While Free Dental Clinic Coordinator Crosine Roble voiced out her concern for lack of antibiotics to be dispensed at the free dental clinic, she is asking DAUSA members to contribute some antibiotics in addition to vitamins. Those who want to contribute antibiotics should contact Verne Dayondon (tel. 714-2265-0336.)

Verne/Darling Dayondon and Fred/Nattie Almeda have been a major contributor of medicines during the past medical missions.

Both Loretta Montesclaros and Gemma Montegrande volunteered to give up some of their balikbayan boxes so as to load all these donated vitmanin-mineral pills and medicines.

Meanwhile, Chief of Medical Mission Dr. Anita Cal-Jackson continues to make the rounds collecting medicines from her doctor friends in the Riverside and Orange Counties.

She visited Danao lately to meet with Danao District Hospital staff and discuss issues related to the forthcoming medical mission on September 18 — 20, 2001. (MB)


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