DAUSA 8th Anniversary Dinner Dance in Torrance

Fri, July 5, 2002  12:44 pm

[Note: Originally posted on Kaming Danawanon, Vol VII, No. 3 Jul-Aug 2001.]

It’s the fourth year in a row that the Danao Association will have a formal dinner-dance to celebrate its anniversary and observe the fiesta of its venerable patron, Santo Tomas de Villanueva.

This time it’s DAUSA’s 8th Anniversary and also an induction of new officers to be held on Saturday, September 8, 2001, at the Holiday Inn, Torrance, California.

Having reached his term limits of 2 terms overseeing projects for the Association for a good four years Ramon Barriga will bow out as president and give way to a new leadership.

In an effort to involve all DAUSA members in its affairs, a survey form with membership renewal enclosed, was sent to all members all over U.S.

The respondent is asked either he/she endorses a pre-selected new sets of officers to take over the reins of the Association assuring continuity of on-going projects or opt for open election.

The results of the survey for support of pre-selected officers will be announced on September 1, 2001, prior to the 8th Saturday Novena which will be disseminated through the DAUSA Website.

Those who have not responded yet and have not paid their membership renewal (.00 for family or .00 for individual members) are advised to submit the survey forms and pay the annual fee.

The survey only has two items to check out: endorse the recommended new set of officers or go for an open election on Septmber 10, at the Torrance Civic Center. Only members’ who have paid their annual dues will have their votes counted.

Dr. Vic Oyas, an active DAUSA member and volunteer past medical mision, will be the inducting officer. Dr. Oyas is a pediatrician in Lake Havasu, Arizona and a reserve officer of the U.S. Air Force.


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