Danao Paramedic dies while applying CPR

Fri, July 5, 2002  3:18 pm

[Note: Originally posted on the Lampoon Issue of The Danao Gazette, Jan 1994.]

So bizarre was how a healthy paramedic died after applying CPR that saved the life a Barangay Caputatan resident.

Salvador del Mundo-Casas, a 23-year old Paramedic of the Danao City Rescue Unit quickly responded to an emergency call and miraculously saved the life of Eduardito Kandingon of Barangay Caputatan.

Kandingon who accidentally shallowed a fairly good size cooked “butete” was black and blue and hardly breathing when the Mobile Rescue Unit arrived at the scene.

In a strange twist of fate, paramedic Mundo-Casas, savior and hero, who applied every skills he learned in life-saving emergency training, died instead, after giving mouth to mouth resuscitation to revive Kandingon.

The circumstance of the paramedic’s death was rather unusual according to Cebu City Coroner Dr. Jesus Cerna, who conducted the autopsy.

Dr. Cerna said the young and athletic paramedic fainted and never recovered after a prolonged mouth to mouth resuscitation.

Cause of death was cardiac arrest resulting from extremely foul breath.

Further investigation revealed Kandingon, known in Barangay Caputatan as paltik maker and notorious shabu pusher, admitted he never, in his life, brushed his teeth.

Kandingon further said that aside from butete he also had dayok (salted mussels) and amahong (salted fish guts) for breakfast.

Salvador del Mundo Casas, whose body lies in wake at Esteban’s Funeral Parlor, was posthumously cited at the Danao City Council Session for his heroism, giving his life while in the performance of duty.  (MB)


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