Danao Leaders Kiss and Make Peace

Fri, July 5, 2002  3:36 pm

[Note: Originally posted on the Lampoon Issue of The Danao Gazette, Jan 1994.]

…After a brief rumble in Summit Meeting

Leaders of the fragmented Danao City’s Southern California residents for the first time held a summit meeting at a downtown hotel in an attempt to thresh out their differences and pave the organization of a truly united Danao Association.

The unprecedented move to unite three factions of combative Danawanons of Southern California was initiated by Fr. Jonathan Lao who was approached by concerned and cool-headed town-mates for him to intervene, act as mediator and patch up differences.

The meeting, except for a brief hair pulling incident between leaders of two rival groups, and shouting and making ugly faces among their supporters that prompted hotel management to call the LAPD,  the summit meeting according to Fr. Jonathan Lao, was generally cordial and fun.

“The meeting among our Danao leaders was a great success, I now see my fellow Danawanons working together towards building a strong and cohesive group in California and undertake projects for the people of Danao’, Fr. Lao said.

The sector leaders of three factions one for Suba, one for the Poblacion and another for Looc, who had been in fighting moods most of the time, finally mellowed down after Fr. Jonathan begged their cooperation.

After a brief homily by Fr. Lao, the three leaders hugged, kissed and made peace with each other and subsequently forged a covenant wherein they agreed to organize and fully support one big Danao Association in the entire United States.

It was further agreed that henceforth Danawanons in Southern California will observe the feast of Santo Tomas de Villanueva with one joint religious activities and festivities to coincide with Danao City’s fiesta Celebration. (MB)


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