Danao City Politics: Ago Sepulveda to run for mayor

Fri, July 5, 2002  3:04 pm

[Note: Originally posted on Lampoon Issue of The Danao Gazette, Jan 1994.]

When Durano family spokesman, Nards Capitan announced that neither in*censored*bent Danao City Mayor Jesus ‘Don’ Durano nor any member of his family would seek elective positions in the 1995 election, Danao’s political wannabees went scrambling to take a shot in the mayorship including ex-convict Santiago Sepulveda.

Contrary to reports that Danao’s most wanted fugitive was shot dead in an encounter with police authorities, Ago Sepulveda is very much alive and kicking and has declared his candidacy for city mayor under the KBL banner with Warlito Dungog as running mate.

Ago Sepulveda who has become an active preacher of the local Iglesia ni Kristo since his release, vowed to clean up the city from drugs and prostitution which plaque the city following the closure of the Clark Air Base and the Subic Naval Base.

Dungog, likewise, pledged to create an anti-crime unit to rid the city of all drug pushers and othe crime elements and would push for the passing of an ordinance banning the sale of alcoholic drinks.

The KBL camp hinted that their candidates enjoy the financial support of a religious sect, including the El Shaddai. KBL Chairman Tomas Juntilla is confident of a landslide victory.


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