Ten Outstanding Cebuanos In U.S.

Wed, July 3, 2002  11:51 pm

‘[Note: Originally posted on Kaming Danawanon Volume VI, No. 3 Oct-Nov 2000.]

Two Danawanons were among the Ten Outstanding Cebuanos in America selected by the National Association of Cebuanos U.S.A., (NAC-USA) an umbrella organization of various Cebuano community organizations.

Felixberto Buot, Ph.D., a noted scientist of the U.S. Naval Research was being recognized for his exemplary achievements in the field of Science and Ramon Barriga, in the field of community service.

Mr. Barriga earned the NACUSA recognition as Danao Association USA, Inc. President and credited his efforts for initiating various projects in Danao, such as, the Medical and Educatinal Missions, the Adopt-a-Student Projects.

The Ten Outstanding Cebuanos in America were honored during the 3rd NAC-USA Inaugural Ball and Induction of officers on July 1, 2000, at the Hilton Hotel, Burbank, California.

The award was handed by outgoing Philippine Consul General Joshua Villa who has been appointed Philippine Ambassador to the People’s Republic of China, NACUSA President Edwin Arom and Awards Committee Chairperson Benny Peralta.

Dr. Buot is currently Research Physicist at the Naval Research Lab in Washingon, D.C, He has done about 120 archival research publications; over 50 technical presentations in international conferences.

He had published two research monographs, namely: Felix A. Buot, Mesoscopic Physics and Nanoelectronics and F.A. Buot, General Theory of Quantum Distribution Function Transport Equations.

He finished his elementary at the Danao Elementary School and graduated at the Danao Provincial High School.

Dr. Buot finished his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering at the Cebu Institute of Technology and was one of the top ten in the Mechanical Board Exam.

Earned his Master of Science in Electrical Engineering at the Stanford University, and eventually his Ph.D in Theoritical Solid-State Physics at the University of Oregon under the NSDB Scholarship Program,

Dr. Buot is married to the former Eveline Sevilla Guantero of Loon, Bohol. They have two sons, Max, a Ph.D. candidate in Mathematical Statistics and Eugene an recent graduate in B.S. Industrial and Systems Engineering.

In the past two years, two other Danawanons had the distinction of being recognized for their achievements, Judith Mata Simmuns and Crosine Roble.

Judith Mata-Simmuns, a former school teacher in Danao was awarded as Outstanding Filipino-American by the Filipino Community in Central California during the celebration of the 100th anniversary of Philippine Independence in recognition of her achievement as a prime mover in education.

Crosine ‘Endai’ Roble was recipient of Kiwanis Civic Leadership Award in recognition of her initiative in organizing the Danao Association U.S.A. She played an active role in organizing other hometown associations including the National Associations of Cebuanos USA.


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