Wed, July 3, 2002  12:02 am

My dear sponsor

I am Alfredo Tumampos, 20 years old, 2nd year  BSEd II majoring T.H.E.  I’m living with my sister at Highway, Look in our beloved city.

During my 1st year, I was chosen model student of our school and most outstanding leader as well.  I took up summer class and had  lots of experience here.

If you still remember, I was the one who spoke on behalf of the scholars.  Now I’m the Supreme Student Council President, the highest governing body of our school.

I knew this a hard and tough job.  But I believe you are always in my side to support me, morally and financially.

Thank you very much for this rare opportunity of  being your sponsored scholar.
God bless and more power to all of you

Alfredo Tumampos
Looc, Danao City

To my dear beloved sponsor,

First and foremost my warmest greetings.  I hope everything is going ok especially your health, your job and your family.

I’m Ma. Fe Mata, 22 years of age and presently residing in Taytay, Danao City.   I’m in 2nd year college taking up Bachelor of Elem. Education.

I try my very best to study hard, comply all the requirementl, so that in return you will be happy of my grades. By the way, we had our summer class.  We had our educational tours to  different school of Agriculture and we  learned  about planting and raising animals.

Lastly, than you for your financial supports.  You are an angel from heaven above, because you helped  us to be good and responsible individuals.

I will always be a good student with your help.

Ma. Fe Mata
Taytay, Danao city

To my dear sponsors,

Before anything else I would like to greet you, my dear sponsors, a warm Hello. I’m Josephine Montes, 17 years of age, a BSIT Computer studenty.  Because of your financial support I’m second year now.

My dear sponsors you are our Lord’s  greatest gift to me that I am able to continue my studies. A million thanks.   I  assure you I will do my best to maintain my good grades.

I want to prove to you how much you meant to me.  Thank you so much  for the financial suppotr.

May the Lord continue to shower His blessing unto you and  your family. Everyday I pray you will always be in good health. God loves you always.

Josefina Montes
Suba, Danao City

Dear DAUSA Sponsor,

I’m Belindo Cal, BCIT Automotive II-C.  I want to thank you for supporting me in my college my study.
I will promise to maintain the required grade even more than the 2.5 average and also thank you again for your helping me.

Belindo Cal
Langusig, Danao City

Hello!  How’s your day?  Still fine.  About me I’m fine.

Anyway, I want to ask an apology for not sending you a letter in the past.  This is the first letter that I sent. Right?  I’m so sorry.

By the way, a million thanks for being kind with us and supporting my studies.  It is my wish that you continue your good work.  Thank you so much.

Well, about my studies, I’m striving hard to maintain my good grades, but sometimes there are subjects that are difficult, especially Filipino.   I’m trying my best to study harder to get better grades.  Nothing to worry.  Right now, I’m too busy doing my projects and studying my lessons.

Beloved sponsors, I am hoping you continue your good work helping us poor students get higher education.  We, the DAUSA Scholars are proud to have been selected to deserve your support.  May our almighty God bless us all.

Thank you.  Thank you so much.  Regards to all of you there. . . More power and I miss you all.

Haydee Camanse

To my beloved sponsors,

First of all I would like to introduce myself.  I am Anecita Lato, a female student, taking up Bachelor in Elemetnary Education.  I am presently residing in Cambanay, Danao City and I am 17 years of age.

It is my great honor and privilege to be one of the DAUSA scholars.  My heartfelt thanks to you, my beloved sponsors for supporting me financially since I was in first year.

With all my efforts I was able to pass first year and hopefully I can do the same in my 2nd year.  And I assure you, my beloved sponsors, that I will do my best so that you will not be discouraged and hesitant to sponsor other poor students like me.

Again a million thanks to all of you. ….

Aniceta Lato
Cambanay, Danao City

Hi, a pleasant good day to all of you DAUSA sponsors.  I hope  you are all in a good health.  For me I’m very fine.

I’m Jeaniar Oliverio, a BSEd II student.  I’m residing in Cabulihan, Danao City.  I;m 18 years of age.  I’m very happy I qualified to be a DAUSA scholar.  Thank you for supporting me and thank you for your kindness.  Thank you for everything.

I’m very lucky to get the scholarship ‘cause my parents cannot afford to support my studies.

Thanks to all of you DAUSA Sponsors.

Jeniar Oliverio
Kabulihan, Danao City

First of all I would like to thank you for supporting.  Because if you did not, I’m sure I can’t be in college.  I’m working this time with heavy equipment.  You know already what I mean.

As you know my average grade does not qualify for scholarship.  But despite that, Ms. Canga gave me a chance to take this scholarship.  By the way, I am Darrel P. Colon, residing in Maslog, Danao City, taking up BSIT major in Computer Technology.  My talent is dancing particularly in dance sports.  I can sing too and play the guitar.  Once again a very big thank you.  I forget to say, don’t mind my English.

Darrel Colon,
Maslog, Danao City


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