3rd Medical-Surgical-Dental & Educational Mission

Wed, July 3, 2002  10:40 am

[Note: Originally posted on Kaming Danawanon, Vol. VI, No. 3. Oct-Nov 2000]

City of Danao says Thank You, Please Come Again

The City of Danao expressed its appreciation and gratitude for the unselfish efforts of many DAUSA Medical-Surgical-Dental and Educational Missions volunteers entertaining them with a sumptous dinner, dance and songs at the culmination night, ending the 3-day medical mission on Sept. 19-21 at the Danao City Gym.

The mission was another huge success, reaching out and making a big difference in the lives of our less fortunate fellow Danawanons.

The medical group had performed 15 major surgeries and over 100 minor surgeries and must have seen close to 2000 individuals for consultations.

The Dental group, which got introduced for the first time, through Crosine Roble’s initiative, was a big hit. Cebu City’s Dental Mobile Unit has U.S. standard equipments and the dentists volunteers, one from Chicago, five from Danao, are all skilled dental professionals.

The Educational group led by Pat O. Misa having handed out some typewriters, has been besieged with requests from barrio school principals for their share of typewriters, used computers, sports equipments and books.

DAUSA Adopt-a-Student led by Darling Dayondon met the initial 26 DAUSA scholars and some Cebu State College – Sabang Campus officilas at the school’s Home Economics Building. They had a get-to-know-you lunch.

A student spokesman for the the DAUSA scholars expressed the difficulty of some kids from the far mountain barrios as they could not afford to buy books and project materials. One almost dropped out for this reason.

An instant pass-the-hat was initiated grossing over 0.00 and was given to the guidance counsellor to meet some of the scholars’ immediate needs.


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