Adopt-a-School Program Started

Thu, January 3, 2002  9:49 pm

[Note: Originally posted on Kaming Danawanon, Vol VI No. 3 Oct-Nov 2000.]

DAUSA Board of Trustee Joe Campo of Freeport, Texas gave a big boast to DAUSA’s Educational Mission by setting a precedent – adopting Dungguan Elementary School. Joe grew up and learned his abc in Dungguan.

Joe also pioneered the adopt-a-student concept before the Association adopted it as a project and presently had sponsored four scholars at the Santo Tomas School. Having adopted Dungguan Elementary School Joe had sent two boxes of books, a computer system and is currently seeking help from his company, Dow Chemicals to fix the school’s leaking roof. Joe earlier donated to the Danao District Hospital a printer and a scanner. He also gave out t-shirts to volunteers. Having noticed the inadequacy of Danao’s barrio schools, Joe hopes that DAUSA members especially those from the barrios will also try do something for their own barrio schools. According to Joe “anything you can bring for the kids or the school does make a lot of difference.”


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